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Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

  Do you want to know your estimated due date?

  To find out how far along you are, simply enter the date you started your last menstrual period
  into the pregnancy calculator and click "Calculate Due Date."

  First Day of Last Menstrual Period:      Required (MM/DD/YYYY, ex: 02/04/2011)
  Average Length of Cycle:      Optional (22 to 45, default: 28 days)

  Average Luteal Phase Length:   Optional (9 to 16, default: 14 days)
  By entering the average length of your menstrual cycle and your average luteal phase
  length (if you know them), you can increase the accuracy of the due date estimate.

Please read the accuracy disclaimer below.
 Estimated Date of Conception ... +/-  Estimated Due Date ............. +/-  Estimated Fetal Age ............ +/-

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